Astral Travel Book

An early addition of Belzebuub’s astral book

In the book A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams and later editions such as When I Go to Sleep, Belzebuub presented a practical and complete approach to exploring out-of-body experiences (OBEs), including explaining how to utilize OBEs and dreams for spiritual development. First published as a series of weekly PDFs in 2001 in conjunction with a free online course, the content from the course was compiled into book form in 2004.

The online course that accompanied Belzebuub’s astral book was the largest in the world of its kind at the time. Many thousands of people participated in it with great success — more than two out of three people surveyed once the course was finished had at least one astral projection experience during it.

The astral book and course were structured around the practices that Belzebuub had personally found to be most effective for achieving astral projection as a result of years of practice, trial and error as he explains below:

“Years of hard work and experience beyond the three-dimensional world, along with years of teaching, has allowed me to gather techniques that work most effectively and to be able to pass on solutions to overcome the most common difficulties encountered.”

~ Belzebuub, A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams, p3

The current addition of the astral book

The astral book contained a series of weekly topics, practices and question and answers, divided into nine chapters, just as the original course had nine weeks of material. When followed in order, readers could progressively become familiar with the concepts of astral projection and the astral plane, such as:

  • how astral experiences relate to the afterlife, near-death experiences and dreams
  • how to better remember dreams
  • how to use lucid dreams to explore the astral plane; and
  • how to have conscious out-of-body experiences in order to grow spiritually.

Each chapter contained both reading material and a practical exercise so that readers would be able to gain both a theoretical and practical understanding of astral projection, the astral plane and lucid dreaming.

At the end of most chapters was a section of commonly asked questions regarding the week’s topic that explored the material from the perspective of those who had previously taken Belzebuub’s courses.

In the earlier editions, supplementary guides for interpreting symbols and numbers in dreams and OBEs were included, along with personal accounts of OBEs and lucid dreams from people who had learnt from Belzebuub’s work.

Astral Book Content

Following is a summary of the information and practices contained in each chapter of Belzebuub’s astral travel book.

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