Secret Quest: A Documentary by The Gnostic Movement

Secret Quest was a three-part documentary written, produced and directed by The Gnostic Movement. It marked the first time that a documentary series was made about the ancient Gnostics by Gnostics themselves.

Belzebuub had originally conceived an idea for a four-part course in Christian Gnosticism that would be run by The Gnostic Movement. He provided the outline for the course and gave instructions for a series of videos to go along with it to a team of people in The Gnostic Movement who would be working on the project. Upon seeing the high quality videos that were prepared, Belzebuub suggested that they be reworked and expanded into a full feature-length documentary series, so as to reach a wider audience than would be possible with a four-week course.

The series was released in 2009 on DVD by Absolute Publishing Press, and received a 9.4/10 score on IMDB, with commenters remarking that it was “a breath of fresh air,” an “enlightening documentary,” “mind-blowing,” and an “excellent documentary on the Christian Gnostics.”

What Secret Quest Covered

The three parts of the documentary were titled as follows: “Part 1: The Path of the Christian Gnostics,” “Part 2: Wisdom of the Gnostic Gospels,” and “Part 3: How to Be a Gnostic.” The episodes traced the emergence of the first Christian Gnostics back to the times of Jesus, and explored how their approach to spirituality developed and differed from mainstream Christianity. Topics such as the fate of the historical Gnostics, what they practiced, and the similarities between ancient Gnostic practices and those of modern Gnosis were also explored.

The trailer for Secret Quest can be viewed on Vimeo, and the whole series of videos that comprised the DVD as well as a special feature can be seen in their entirety below.